Dean’s Word

     Mathematics is the backbone of all active sciences and the safe passage of many scientific theories and applied ones. Mathematics has played a role in the development of many modern technologies including computer science, which has clear correlation in terms of logical sequence and the main activate  key tools between the two sciences, one of them pushing the other one with a new systematic behavior.  Applied and theoretical computer science has methods and algorithms and software tools that has given power and speed for many mathematical applications.


     On the contrary, mathematics has increased the efficiency of many of practical and theoretical branches of computer throughout  the College of computer science and mathematics that is considered the research thread loop between the most important  specialists at the present time of many physical , engineering ,medical and other sciences.   Through this site that will be the mirror of the different activities of the computer science and mathematics which presents a distinctive and effective representation for our parent University ,Kufa University. I also wish for this site to highlight the true image and the high energies for all the members of the staff of the College with all the efforts of those who made it.


Ass. Prof.  Dr.  Salah A. Albermany

The Dean

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