Step to register new students

     1.            Announces the results of the acceptance by the ministry on the Faculty site

     2.            The students will show up after they know the results of the Faculty admissions

     3.            Set up a committee by the people of Student Affairs and ratifications before the announcement of the results of acceptance in advance for the purpose of receiving and recording new students.

     4.            The students will be registered after submitting the following documents:

(a)  Original graduation certificate of secondary school

(b) A colour copy of identification certificate, citizenship certificate, and resident card.

(c)  Guaranty guarantor

(d) Four recent photos

     5.            Admission to departments will be announce after the end of the registration period specified by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Affairs and University of Kufa.

     6.            Student distribution to departments will be adjusted depending on the +grades and the desire



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