Questionnaire for the Graduate Students

 The Faculty conducted questionnaires for graduate

students in mathematics

The event was sponsored by the

Deanship of the Faculty and the Head of the MathematicsDepartment. The questionnaires was designed by Fadel

Thaer as a part of his fourth year project. It was intended forgraduate students for 2011-2013 to evaluate the curriculum

of various subjects and demonstrate the importance of eachone of them and its suitability and usefulness for the

requirement of work market.Notable attendees were the Dean Assistant for Scientific

Affairs Assistant Professor. Hussein Al-Nomani and theHead of the Department of Mathematics, Dr. Abdul Jalil

Khalaf, and consultant statistician, Assistant P rofessor DrNazera Khalil. Mr. Al-Nomani gave a brief talk about the

importance of mathematics in the labor market andpresented the job description for the graduates of

mathematics departments in the faculty.




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