Faculty Came First in the Competition for the Best Theatre Performance

The Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics

came first in the competition for the best theatre


which was one of the activities of the sixth cultural week of the University of Kufa. The

play was entitled (1 + 1 = 10) that dealt with different aspects of life for the Iraqi society and their

solidarity with our brave Iraqi army and Al-Hushad Al-Shabby forces in their battle against terrorists

Daash. The audience were highly impressed with our students’ performance and appraised the

students for their acting . The play was a kind of tragic act and the students who acted in the play

were Ali Al-Muhanna, Razak Hussein Shibli, Ali al- Issawi, Ahmed al-Baghdadi, Amir al-Fayad, and Amir

Hamidawi. The play was director by the student Ali Al-Muhanna under the supervision of Dr. Shawkat Al-Bayati.


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