Najaf governor visited the faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics/ university of Kufa, and discussed with the dean the needs which can be provided by the governorate

The governor of Najaf , Lawy  Alyasiri, visited the faculty ,and he  welcomed by the dean of the faculty , assistant prof . Dr. Salah AL biermani.

They held a meeting which  attended by  scientific and administrative assistants as well as the heads of Computer science and Mathematics, where they discussed the educational and academic  reality in the faculty . Alyasiri  checked the achievements and outputs that offered by the faculty as services to the community in general, and to the city of Najaf in particular. These services are consisted of programs, students and  staff projects and the possibilities of the contribution of the governorate to provide the needs of the faculty, especially (in particular ) the infrastructure.
Alyasiri  also had a walkthrough in the faculty, personally checking the classrooms and laboratories as well as  the supplies which provided by the college to make an appropriate study atmosphere for the students. In addition the governor, confirmed the governate's support to the faculty in it's directions and  it’s future plans in order to open a new scientific  department  and the expansion of postgraduate studies .
Al biermani welcomed Alyasriy confirmed that the faculty has been and continues to provide the community with qualified cadres in the fields of Mathematics and Computer science .




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