University of kufa ,the faculty of computer science and mathematics established a workshop about electronic tests .

 The department of  computer science organized a workshop with the information centre . It included three axes all about training  of human elements of teachers

and students on electronic  tests skills and management of electronic tests in particular the model system and providing electronic infrastructure . Three lectures were given at the workshop . The first lecture entitled (Electronic testing Skills) was given by Dr. Kadhum Berihi Aljenabi  a teacher in the same faculty just discussed the global and local standards to be provided in the application of the test .  The second lecture (the infrastructure   for electronic learning ) were given by the assistant teacher loaay mohammed ridha from the same  faculty .
The third lecture (The practical application of electronic test in the system of model ) was given by the senior Engineer Ahmed
Abdul Hamza from the information research and qualification centre in kufa university .
The workshop it was attended by the scientific assistant the professor Hussein Al Noamani and the heads of the scientific
department and a number of masters and faculty students




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