University of Kufa \ the faculty of Computer science and Mathematics is setting up a seminar abut Data theory and its applications

Mathematics department \  kufa University  has set up a seminar entitled  "Data theory and its applications "
The seminar contains  three axes, the theoretical side

, explaining the application side of the theory  and explaining the relativity between  data theory and other sciences .
The start was reading some verses of the Qur'an, then the national anthem.  Later, dean of the faculty had a speech about  the importance of mathematics applications in all different life fields .
the seminar included three lectures, prof., Dr.Eman sameer bahia\ Babylon university -faculty of education for pure sciences gave the opening lecture entitled "Is  math ,the one causing panic at Jurassic park ?". She talked about one of the applications of fuzzy theory in mathematics . The second lecture,, Dr.Ahmed Abd Ali Omran\ Babylon university -faculty of education for pure sciences talked about “Solving some of the life problems using data domination”. Whereas The last lecture was given by, Dr. Abdul Jalil Manshid Khalaf\ university of Kufa entitled “Data theory algorithm and its applications”.
The seminar was attended by the scientific assistant prof., Hussein  Al noamani, heads of the scientific departments, staff and some students who interested in this field.

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