Publications by Faculty and Staff

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science are is the leader of their fields and produce, scientific journal, working papers, and books with the principal goal of continue knowledge, teaching, learning, and research. Below is a sampling of recent faculty publications: 

1)    Journal of Kufa for Mathematics and Computing (2010 – to date)

The Journal is concerned with the research eligible for publication in the specialist mathematics and computing , a quarterly magazine in the form of two numbers during the year ( paper and electronic ), where the first number was issued in April of 2010 , followed by seven other numbers.

2)    Thesis Writing Guide (2012)

For the purpose of reducing the suffering that students face in how to prepare Graduation. Asst Prof. Dr Nazera Khalil (Dean Assistant for Scientific Affairs), and Asst. Prof. Dr Hadeel Salim translated book ( thesis writing guide ) to the Arabic language to the author Prof. Dr. Abdul Hadi Al-Khalili .



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