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Dean of Faculty of Science meets with staff

In accordance with the recommendations of the Presidency of the University, the Deanery of the Faculty of Computer and Mathematics represented by the dean of the faculty, Dr. Kadhim Al-Janabi and his administrative and scientific assistants held an extensive meeting with the staff of the faculty where the dean praised the good performance of the faculty staff in performing the duties and tasks ascribed to them. Moreover, the dean talked about the necessity to avoid errors and overlapping between the tasks of the various departments of the faculty, emphasizing the need to avoid delays in replying to formal letters as required via the cooperation of various bodies. He also explained the necessity to specify an alternative to any employee who enjoys a vacation in order to do his/her duties during that time. Then, the Administrative Assistant explained the necessity of the commitment to the work times, that is, the attendance and departure times, and of the cooperation between all, and the commitment to stamp dates.
Later, they listened to the suggestions, complaints and needs of the staff of the faculty and the dean directed to adopt constructive proposals and respond to the complaints of the staff and to meet the potential needs.

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