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ورشة عمل حول برنامج بوابة جمال الرقمية برعاية هيئة الحشد الشعبي

A Workshop about the “Jamal Digital Portal” program sponsored by Popular Mobilization Authority

The faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Kufa has been organized a cultural symposium entitled “Jamal Digital Portal” within the activities of the conference to commemorate the Fatwa of ” Sufficiency Jihad”, held by the Kufa Studies Centre in collaboration with the Popular Mobilization Forces Authority and under the auspices of the Imam Ali Holy Shrine. Jamal Digital Portal” application program was developed by the Directorate” of Cultural and Educational Services Popular Mobilization Authority. Initially, a welcoming word was given by the Dean of the Faculty Dr. Salam Hassan Al-augby and he praised the significant role of the Blessed Fatwa, the role of Holy Popular Mobilization Authority, and the national army forces in the defense of the country and its sanctities and the great victories that would never have been achieved without the immaculate blood that got spilled for the dignity of this country. Later, the program was presented to the audience and the developing team
explained most of the feature of this application such as the integrated database of more than 13000 martyrs and 25000 wounded regards to the holy Fatwa, archived quotes, recollections of martyrs, their wills, a collection of fatwa literature, and a comprehensive library of fatwa studies and researches. The program included a religious platform with a range of other services, such as prayer calls and times as well. The workshop was attended by the Director of the Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf section of Popular Mobilization Authority with a group of its staff, a group of faculty staff, students and guests from martyr’s families.

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