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The Department of Computer Science held a PhD defense.

Ph.D student Osam Hyder Majeed defended his thesis, which treat with text as one of the most influential inventions of humanity, has played an important role in human life, so far from ancient times. The rich and precise information embodied in text is very useful in a wide range of vision-based applications; therefore, text detection and recognition in natural scenes have become important and active research topics in computer vision and document analysis.
This dissertation presents a scene text recognition system based on many steps. The main steps of the suggested system are: text detection and localization using You look Only Once version five (YOLOv5), text segmentation using morphological processing (based on erosion and dilation processes), features extraction using Maximally Stable Extremal Region , character segmentation and word segmentation (using bounding boxes with graphs), and finally recognize character using Optical Character Recognition.
This work creates a new data set model that includes most of the text challenges such as Font type, Font size, Font color, and Font orientation. The defense was accepted with success

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