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The overlap of different sciences within a research, applied and academic environment is one of the hallmarks of 21st century education, such as mathematics and computer science. Where the overlap of these areas produced enormous areas of knowledge and even led many other sciences to advanced stages.
Education in the 21st century has many different features from the past:
1. Accelerated change in labor market requirements and changing required skills.
2. Different disciplines overlap within the required skills of the labor market.
3. Globalization and its effects on labor market movement, education, skills and competencies required.
4. The output of universities is directed towards the specialized labor market instead of general skills.
5. The emergence of the role of technology and replacing many of the skills available in the labor market.
6. Substantial change in the skills required for existing businesses and thus requires the development of the skills of their employees.
7. Student-based education and student-center education.
8. Technology-based education.
Hence the establishment of the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics to keep abreast of developments in the field of computer and information technology and the field of mathematics branches. The Faculty aims to graduate specialized people equipped with the required theoretical and applied skills to keep pace with the continuous development in information technology and mathematics, which has become an active role in our daily lives.
The bachelor’s programs in Computer Science and Mathematics are offered by the faculty to:
1. Prepare qualified graduates capable of keeping pace with scientific and technological development.
2. Qualification of graduates to serve public and private sector institutions.
3. Support theoretical and applied scientific research in different fields.
4. Providing consultancy services to institutions in the public and private sectors.
In order to achieve its objectives, the faculty has provided the requirements of teaching, learning and scientific research by attracting distinguished teaching staff and preparing a distinguished infrastructure including modern halls, advanced and specialized laboratories, a large number of advanced computers and accessories, fully equipped classrooms, a paper and digital library and internet laboratories.
The faculty seeks to integrate into the labor market by examining market requirements and incorporating it into study plans and teaching and learning strategies. The faculty also seeks to partner with international universities through memorandums of understanding and twinning. The faculty also strives to apply the best international quality standards to ensure that the graduate receives the required competencies and also seeks to obtain institutional and program accreditation.
In addition, the faculty has provided higher education institutions with qualified academic people through the establishment of higher diploma and master’s degrees in the fields of computer science and mathematics and seeks to prepare the requirements for the development of a doctoral study in both fields.
Among the indicators of the faculty’s role is the preparation of graduates, scientific research and community service, Graduates in various disciplines held distinguished positions in the public and private sector institutions, and distinguished the researchers at the national and international levels.

Prof. Dr. Kadhim AlJanabi