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Our vision and mission

Faculty Vision

Our vision is to uniquely position the faculty as a leader in innovation, excellence and quality through education, research and scholarship in a professional framework reflecting our social responsibility. Our top priorities are preparing a highly qualified graduates and excellent scientific research activities. Society of informatics and mathematics and the interdisciplinary of knowledge areas represents the benchmark of the new science and technology era, hence the faculty is working on leveraging this knowledge to serve the Iraqi community.
The faculty provides its graduates with top quality education in Math and CS, preparing them to practice their professions competently to meet the ever-changing needs of the society and to continue learning their discipline, self learning, excellence and quality in both education and research. Highly qualified graduates, excellence and diversity in research are essentials to our mission.
Aims and Objectives
1.       Providing highly qualified educational environment and encouraging concrete and logical thinking to prepare professionals.
2.       Encouraging and improving knowledge throughout scientific research applied to real problems in our society.
3.   Serving Iraqi society through training, consultation and others.
4.   Improving student personality according to Islamic values and encouraging team and group working.
5.   Improving student scientific and logical thinking by the enhancement of successful educational systems in other universities at home and abroad.
6.   Developing the graduate skills in leadership, innovation, continuous and self learning.
7.   Building up citizen characteristics that can leverage his/her strength and capabilities to serve the community.