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Master’s thesis in the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics on image processing

In the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics / University of Kufa  a thesis for the student Zahraa Faisal Hassan Shoman has been discussed. The thesis is entitled (self-diagnosis of skin cancer). The researcher said that skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in humans. Where the doctor faces many difficulties to diagnose the disease accurately through the characteristics of the disease and using the naked eye. The need to develop automatic methods has emerged to increase diagnostic accuracy. In this thesis, there are two major operations have been implemented, the first one is the cutting of the lesion while the second one is the identification of the lesion that is cancer or not. She also talked about the diagnosis of skin cancer achieved using the rules of (ABCD) by proposing a new method to determine the symmetry of the part of the lesion that was cut, this method is based on the rotation of the lesion and divided into two parts horizontally and vertically, then the number of mismatched pixels between the two parts is calculated on the basis of the union and the intersection between the two parts, to determine the number of colors in the lesion, a new method was proposed based on the proposed dimensions of the density values of each color. The student said that the efficiency of the proposed method was tested by applying 220 different images. The accuracy of this method was encouraging and up to 95.45%. The results of the proposed method were better than the other methods used.

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