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Lecture in the faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics on Civil Defence

The faculty of computer science and mathematics at the university of
Kufa collaborate with the directorate of Civil Defense in Najaf,
organized an awareness lecture on “Fire and safety in Emergency
situations”, it was delivered by Capitan Rabah Saed Jafat, he referred to
the evacuation plan in case of emergency such as a fire, earthquake,
or any natural disaster, and how to deal with it. He pointed out that the
procedures that adapted by  the world health organizationshould be followed in the disasters, using “the color
signs of emergency” . The lecturer
also spoke about the safety guide, the tasks and duties of evacuation
in shelter in emergency situations.
This lecture is part of the faculty’s strategy to raise awareness of
preventive education, which provides a safety and prevention
environment for all. It aims to raise awareness of students and staff
in the faculty to all types of fire extinguishers, and how to use them
probably in the fire, also to inform them about eviction, shelter and
assembly in order to provide protection and safety for everyone in the
The Dean of the faculty, Dr. Kadhim Al-janabi, said that we should
give such a lecture  and training courses to students and staff in the
Faculty, due to its importance to the individuals and society. It also
contributes to activating the role of each member in the society with
the people in the Civil Defense or any other organization.
Moreover, he confirmed that the importance of holding many lectures,
seminars and training course regarding to this subject and others.
At the end of the lecture, the discussion was taking part in the
lecture, and finally the dean thanks and appreciate the department of

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